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Sk8Er Ghoul

Created by Alisa Dempster, Sam, Casey, Mita | Open Category

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Summoning Ring

Created by Shannon Lively, Music by Sam Shields | Open Category

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Circus Ring

Created by Kate Grubelich, Isabelle Faulkner, Nicola Farquhar-Smith, Michael Wellings | Open Category

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The Big One

Created by Olivea Zarifis | Open Category

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On The Brink

Created by Anne Stewart | Open Category

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Dunkin' Ring

Created by Mitra Gholami, Annabel Djamardi, Angus Miles, Mac Oliver, Malvika Gopinath, Federico Aguilar | Open Category

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The Happiest Day Of Your Life

Created by Kevin McGavin | Open Category

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Created by Campbell Manning, Thomas Berard, Alex Thomason | Tertiary Category

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The Blue Ringed Rivalry

Created by Luna Dorn | Tertiary Category

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Houseplant Havoc

Created by Eloise Brennan | Tertiary Category

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