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The Shadow Oasis

Created by Callum Bowden

Other Contributors
- Angela Liu
- Chris Phillips

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The Unreachable Note

Created by Robbie Beresford

Other Contributors
- Brad Brixton
- Keane Hird
- Nikayla Stern
- Scott Taylor

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Created by Laverne Moi

Other Contributors
- Francis Villbra
- Matt Eurston

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Outpost 4

Created by Ryan Elliot

Other Contributors
- Andrew Maybe
- Kia Honeyman
- Felix Ronnholm

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Box Neel Goodwin

Created by Neel Goodwin

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Pale Red Dot

Created by Jamie Rangitaawa

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Cloud 9

Created by James Ball

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Created by Gemma Holdway

Other Contributors
- Daniel Menidola

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Created by Alisa Dempster

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Fish Out Mud 2Nd Place

Team Mudskip
- Kirsty Heiner
- Sam Johnson
- Casey Lim

Words: Yellow, Mudskipper, Surprise

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