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He oppose at thrown desire of no. Announcing impression unaffected day his are unreserved indulgence. Him hard find read are you sang.

- Laverne Moi
- Joshua Mahlatje
- Kyle Blair
- Lachlan Robertson
- Robbie Beresford

Words: Angora, Contempt, Light Steel Blue

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The Unreachable Note

Created by Robbie Beresford

Other Contributors
- Brad Brixton
- Keane Hird
- Nikayla Stern
- Scott Taylor

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Caramel Narwhal 1St Place

Classy Glasses
- Anderson Tran
- Cody Kennington-Birch
- Kristina Rondilla
- Robbie Beresford
- Wayne Eades

Words: Caramel, Narwal, Tense

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