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Light Shifter

Created by Campbell Manning, Matt Fidler, Jake Twist

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Created by Melanie Tan | Tertiary Category

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Outpost 4

Created by Ryan Elliot

Other Contributors
- Andrew Maybe
- Kia Honeyman
- Felix Ronnholm

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Houseplant Havoc

Created by Eloise Brennan | Tertiary Category

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Created by James Ball

Other Contributors: Callisto Romano – Voice Actress

Open Category

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Larry The Lightbulb

Created by Winston Foo, Dung Nguyen, Christyna Vernon, Frank O. Bear

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Created by David Dodson

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The Key

Created by Shiori Ong, Elim Ling, Jessica Zhuang

School Category

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The Shadow Oasis

Created by Callum Bowden

Other Contributors
- Angela Liu
- Chris Phillips

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Lights On, Lights Off

Created by Petra Parada

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