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Team Tam A
- Geoffrey Langford
- Christine Cousins
- Raviv

Words: White, Peacock Spider, Fear

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- Rhianna Jones
- Matthew Commane
- Jason Flores

Words: Jade, Tardigrade, Amazed

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Luck Cat
- Aaron O'Farrell
- Liam Robertson
- Natalie Wotton
- Nikayla Stern

Words: Violet, Wren, Brazen

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Team Cave Man
- James Ball

Words: Gold, Tenrec, Jealous

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Rapunzcelot 3Rd Place

Hungry & Tired
- Ben Hammersley
- David Keep
- Lauren Fletcher
- Minh Tran
- Nick Lowe

Words: Purple, Ocelot, Happy

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Making A Friend 3Rd Place

- Shannon Lively

Words: Sapphire, Flea, Proud

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Fish Out Mud 2Nd Place

Team Mudskip
- Kirsty Heiner
- Sam Johnson
- Casey Lim

Words: Yellow, Mudskipper, Surprise

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2Nd Place A Fishermans Dozen

Also, this film won the Peoples choice award!

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Art Gallery

Just Gemma
- Gemma Holdway

Words: Orange, Pelican, Inspired

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Argali Gone

No I in Team
- Anthony Lever

Words: Green, Argali, Sad

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