3Thirty Submission Instructions

Before you begin

Ensure your submission is encoded in H264 in an MP4 container.

No single film can be more than 512MB

If you want to submit multiple films from the same account contact wanimate at wanimate@gmail.com

To Begin

Navigate to My Account

Log in with the same account you used to sign up with.

If you are logged in correctly you will see the following window:


Click Upload and choose the video from your computer
The film will upload once complete click Add Video in the bottom right corner

Fill in the rest of the form

Enter your films title (This can be anything you want)

The film category is already filled for you based on what entry you bought.

Add all the contributors including yourself. This is the credits of your film. Add both first name and surname then click add to add the person to your film.

You may also add a description of what the film is about and/or any portfolio links.

Click submit

Your screen should now look like this

Your film will be displayed in your My Account page and you can click Edit to check if your video uploaded correctly or change your films title and description.
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