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Lightbox March 2022

Its that time again Yep, Lightbox is Tonight, and we're going over the history of animation and the Oscars. Looking at how it started with Best Shorts in 1932 to last year's slight... DRAMA!

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Tanya and Dave Continue the Best of 2022, with the TV series of the year

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Lightbox - Jan 2023

Happy New Year and Welcome Back to WA Animation - Today David, Lindsay, and Tanya talk about the Best of 2022 and talk about WAnimate's 2023

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Lightbox - 21/11/22

Today Lindsay, Dave and Tanya are joined by

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Lightbox the Wanimate Vodcast

Join us at 7:30 AWST for Tanya, Dave and Lindsay to discuss Animation and Animation related scuttlebutt in and around the world and Perth western Australia

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Lightbox 26th April '22

Today We Discuss Oscars Controversy, Look at Animation Marketed to and Adult Audience and Potentially make the Groeningverse fold in upon itself!

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Lightbox, March 22

Tanya Beeson, Dave O’Connell and Lindsay Fleay will be talking all things animation. Tonight’s special guest is David McDonnell of Last Pixel. He will be discussing his latest project.

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Lightbox - The Wanimate Vodcast

Lightbox premieres Tonight Tuesday 22nd February and will stream live at 7:30pm AWST. (Australian Western Standard Time This month's Hosts Tanya Beeson, Lindsay Fleay and Dave O’Connell introduce this new iteration of Lightbox, talk about the Oscars, recent animated favourites and the WA Industry. Guest Taryne Laffar of Pink Pepper and Caitlyn Lomax of Intr […]

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