The Western Australian Animation Association

WAnimate was formed in 2006 by a group of animators who felt that the small but growing Western Australian animation industry required a representative body. WAnimate aims to provide a central point of connection for animators based in Western Australia. Through WAnimate, animators can find support and access a wide range of skills development. We aim to link animators to those employing or funding animators and direct them to (as well as provide) animation training and seminars, of all specialisations. WAnimate is an industry association, aimed at encouraging and developing the animation, entertainment and education business. It is a focal point for the growing number of professional animators and producers in Western Australia.


To develop and promote the Western Australian animation industry and to establish and maintain relationships with related industry stakeholders.


Tanya Beeson - Chair

One wonders how Tanya 'remains' sane. Tanya is a classically trained, digitally pressed Animator in the 2D sense. Known locally around Perth as "that crazy lady with the blue stripe in her hair" she has worked on a small scale compared to the other members of the committee, being involved in the CADSA animation program through the FTI from 2001 to 2007, working as an animation lecturer at TAFE and working on various festival and commercial shorts and illustrating some interesting projects here in Perth. She is always drawing, and when she's not, she is playing tabletop games, haning out with her dog, binging on Sci-Fi and trying to live as close to nature as her robotic little body can handle. - 线条,形式和颜色给我们超越想象的美

Grady Habib - Vice Chair

Grady Habib bides his time coordinating playtime in a Sandbox where his background in psychology helps keep the kids and himself sane, well…as sane as one can be in the advertising and TV game. He has got a passion for storytelling and loves seeing work that pushes the boundaries. With personal values of honesty, collaboration, fun and a drive to succeed, he is keen to see WA take its place on the international stage for the capabilities of its talented artists.

Jesse Emmerson

Natasha Davis

“Magic Maker” in a nutshell. On the brink of becoming a cinema pioneer, Tash has spent more than half her life working in the WA cinema industry. After spending over a decade working for exhibitor Hoyts Cinemas dabbling in popcorn making, ticket tearing, local area marketing and promotional fun across WA & SA, Tash joined the dark side jumping into distribution. Now in her 7th year, Tash (Natasha Louise Enterprises) heads up the WA Theatrical publicity + promotions for Walt Disney Studios Australia.

Lindsay Fleay - Treasurer

Corinne Easton

Travis Badge - Secretary

Aaron Welch

After five years of travelling around the world Aaron returned to Perth in 2007. It was good to be home, but then there was one big question. Now what? Eventually he realised it’s still all about animation. Graduating from SAE Institute with a diploma in 3D animation early 2010 was another foray into the unknown. Lots of networking and faith led to freelancing. Still needing help and happy to deal with clients, he recalled a conversation with his SAE lecturer about being a Producer for a group assignment. So Aaron decided to go from a freelancer to a Producer with his own business. Thus Red Bird Creative was born in 2011. The dream is to produce a digital feature. Till that one day, animated music videos and building projections are Aaron’s most creative outlet. Inspiration comes from all things sci fi and gaming is his escape from reality.

Phil Jeng Kane