3|Thirty Animation Competition Winners

Western Australian animation had a chance to shine at the recent screening and awards for the 3|Thirty Animation competition. The event, organized by the WAnimate group, asked entrants from Western Australia to take three months to conceive, produce, create, execute and deliver thirty seconds of animation excellence. The inspirational word or concept a.k.a. “the 3|Thirty ID” was “Box”. The categories were Secondary students, Tertiary students and Open.

When it came time to judge the entrants, the competition received only Tertiary and Open animations. Perhaps the end-of-year production period was not conducive to secondary entrants. The entries were assessed by judges who were based locally, nationally and internationally. These discerning folk were: Patricio Ducaud – animator/digital artist, Andrew Gordon – leading Pixar animator, Dave McDonnell – director Last Pixel, Andrew Silke – 3D animator/filmmaker and Nathan Stone – director Double Barrel VFX.

Tickets were available for $10 to cover the costs of catering. The event itself was held at Event Cinemas, Innaloo, Monday 17 December. The evening began at 6pm when guest rolled up to the VIP room to discuss the state of the state’s animation industry, eat some excellent canape and drink at the pop-up bar. By 7pm everyone was assembled in Cinema 10.

The show was kicked off by WAnimate Committee member (he’s the VP) and Sandbox Productions guru Grady Habib. Next to him were positioned the three hand-made wooden “loot boxes” that the prizes were stored in. Grady ran through the ten-year history of the group, mentioned the community, not-for-profit and industry aims of WAnimate and introduced the committee members to the front of the stage. They introduced themselves to the audience by explaining some of what they do in industry and education.

The second part of the evening was hosted by WAnimate (and North Metro TAFE’s) Phil Jeng Kane. He rocked a Hawaiian shirt and a ponytail and assured the audience his mid-life crisis was going well. The idea was to introduce animators to speak to the room and screen their entry. Once the category was completed, then the award for that category was given. The first category was Tertiary entries. The second category was Open entries. As there was no Secondary category, a WAnimate Choice award was given for an entry that showed strong story-telling, technical and production values. (See list below).

After the awards were given and the entries screened, Grady Habib returned to thank sponsors and remind the audience of the upcoming WAnimate social meet-up in January and the next WamBam 48-hour animation event mid-year. Keep your eyes peeled for those! The night finished with the entrants, winners, friends and family mingling in the hall. Animation networking and chatting was happening right here in Western Australia.

WAnimate would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters including Event Cinemas, Screenwest, Dell, Wacom, Maxon, Digistor, Sandbox Productions, Red Bird Creative, AccessReel, Roadshow, Disney Pixar and Aquixel Studios.

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